Indiana World Organization of China Painters

Organization dedicated to the promotion of china painting.

Indiana Governor's China

In 2001 Phyllis Gladden then president of the Indiana World Organization of China Painters implemented a project to paint a set of china as a gift to the state of Indiana. Thirty (7 piece) place settings and thirty serving pieces were painted each with a different Indiana wildflower. The finished china was presented to then First Lady Judy O'Bannon at the IWOCP convention.Later in the summer Mrs. O'Bannon hosted a luncheon to recognize all the Indiana Artists for this legacy. April of 2013 Indiana First lady Karen Pence once again invited the Indiana artists to the Governor's residence for a reception to honor and thank them for their contribution. Mrs. O'Bannon was also there to share at the event. The following is a list of the artists that lent their talents to make this possible. Some of these artists are now deceased (*) but their expertise lives on in these lovely finished pieces for the Hoosier state.

Dorothy Adomatis*

Patricia Azzarelli

Brenda Barker

Patricia Barker

Anna Bokmeyer

Barbara Bougher

Jane Briley

Barbara Britt

Margaret Buckwinkel

Shirley Buis

Marie Cook

Leona Curry*

Bertie David

Corliss Decker

Louise Dillabaugh*

Gerry Dunkin

Joyce Lowe Dwulet

Sharen Edwards

Bettie Fields

Shirley Fosnight

Margaret Fowler

Sandy Kukman

Louise Gillen*

Susan Gillock

Phyllis Gladden

Dorothy Glanz*

Ann Glass

Helen Hammond

Sherry Hoefling

Peggy Hoose

Harry Hugar*

Char Hulse

Colette Inderhees

M. Sue Johnson

Penny Jones*

Rita Kautzman*

Janice Keefer

Maxine Kiser

Linda Lane

Bertha Lowe

Barb Lyons

Rosemary McCart

Karen Norheim

Carol Psehes

Helene Reyburn

Doris Richeson

Dorothy Robinson

Marjorie Ryves

Harriett Schmid

Delores Shank Arbogast*

Barbara Schmidt*

Leanne Sherman

Marjorie Stegemoller

Nedra Steury

Joan Stewart

Laura Taube

Mavis Vail*

Regina Vandivier

Margaret Wallace*

Vera White

Kathy Williams

Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

Sylvia Worman

Linda Yoder