Indiana World Organization of China Painters

Organization dedicated to the promotion of china painting.

2017 Indiana State Fair Porcelain Painting Display

We will not be having a competition this year but having a display exhibit. Exhibit is limited to one piece painted by an Indiana resident artist. The piece could not have been displayed previously at the Indiana State Fair. There will be no categories or Professional or Non-Professional divisions.

We would like to display an example of your best work for the public.  

Bring your piece to the State Fair Home and Family Arts Building on Saturday July 29 between 9:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. There is no preregistration or entry fee.

Everyone that displays a piece will get a ticket to the fair. Everyone demonstrating during the fair will receive a fair ticket for each day that they are demonstrating. There will be a public vote and choose the 3 people’s choice of the exhibit. Winners will receive a ribbon if one of the top three. We want a lovely display for the public may continue to see our beautiful porcelain art. Regina Vandivier is once again in charge and would welcome help in cleaning the cases and helping to set up display. She is also looking for people to demonstrate throughout the fair. Contact her at (317) 507-3536 to help. Let’s make this the best year yet for our porcelain display!